Management Committees

Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc. is an incorporated association under the Queensland Associations Incorporation Act. The association is managed, on a voluntary basis, by members elected from within its membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  The AGM (also referred to as Alumni Day) is generally held on the third Saturday in May. The AGM is a social event with an invited speaker, the presentation of the Annual Report, and the election of the Office-Bearers and the Executive Committee.

The day-to-day administration of the association is managed by the Office-Bearers, who ensure that the decisions and policies decided upon by the Executive Committee are appropriately implemented.

The Executive Committee also convenes a number of committees, each tasked with investigating, and making recommendations on, key issues for the association. Currently, there are six key committees in place:

  1. Alumni House Committee
  2. Benefactions Committee
  3. Finance Committee
  4. Membership Committee
  5. Publications and Communications Committee
  6. Golden Jubilee (50 Year Celebrations) Committee.

For more information:  Information on the current Office-Bearers and members of the Executive committee are available here. The members of each of the six working committees will shortly be available here. The convenor/chair of each committee can be contacted via Alumni House.

* From 1967 until 7th July, 2008 the organisation was known as The Alumni Association of The University of Queensland Inc.