Calendar of Events

The latest calendar of events is summarised here:

Friends of Antiquity AGM: 3 June 2018 (1.45pm) Annual General Meeting, followed at 2.00pm by Speaker Dr Dorothy Watts topic Slipped or Pushed? The End of Roman Britain. Room 302 Forgan Smith Building

Friends of Antiquity Sunday Series  talk : 1 July, 2.00pm. Speaker Carlos Robinson Topic TBC 2.30pm Speaker Dr Yvette Hunt topic Magic in Later Latin Medical Text Forgan Smith. Rm 302 Forgan Smith Building

UQ Staff Awards: 2 July 2019 (AEB)

Three Score Club: 18 July (10.00am)  Dr Dimity Dornan AO Hearing Love Protects the Brain: an Insurance Policy for Life. Women’s College

Mid-Winter Book Sale: Hundred Acre Bar (31 July, 3-6pm)

Please check back as this is regularly updated, and don’t forget to visit recent online exhibitions, celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Alumni Friends:

  • Betty Fletcher: Lover of Wisdom, Lover of Beauty, Lover of Humanity (launched in August 2017) available here.
  • Fifty Years of Friendship: Digital ‘exhibition’ available on the UQ Library Website (launched in June 2017), click here for more.
  • 50 years of Giving: R D Milns Antiquities Museum Special Exhibition (opened October 2017), visit here or at the Museum

Major 2019 Events for your diary:

  • Alumni Friends’ Easter UQ Alumni Book & Music Sale: March 2019 (8am-1pm, St Lucia Village Shopping Centre, 1/217 Hawken Drive, St Lucia, QLD 4072)
  • Friends of Antiquity Annual History Day: March 2019,
  • UQ Alumni Book Fair®: 3-6 May 2019
    2019 AGM: May, 2019 (9:30am)
  • Great Court Race: May 2019 (usually held between 12 noon and 2:00pm)