Alumni Friends has presented the equivalent of over $650,000 as UQ prizes, scholarships, bursaries, and awards. This includes the prestigious UQ Alumnus of the Year Award. Nominations for the 2019 recipient are now open, with the form available here.

A highlight of the Alumni Friends Golden Jubilee celebrations (2017-18) was the creation and award of 50 Golden Jubilee Bursaries, presented to UQ Students by Members, volunteers and donors. For more information, including pictures of each presentation and a profile of the recipients, visit our special golden jubilee website.

Major prizes and awards include: UQ Graduate of the Year, UQ Alumnus of the Year, 3MT People’s Choice, and the Great Court Race Prizes. Alumni Friends awards include the Betty Fletcher Memorial Travelling Scholarship, David Dunlop Memorial Dental Bursary, Elizabeth Usher Memorial Travelling Scholarship, Joan Wickham Engineering Scholarship, Margaret Waugh Memorial Bursary, Richard Spencer Hopkins Memorial Prize, Alumni Friends Medicine Prize, Alumni Friends Indigenous Medicine Prize, and the Veterinary Alumni Prize. The Association also contributes toward UQ Sports Scholarships.

Donations in support of individual prize funds are always welcome. For more information on how to donate, contact us.

For information on individual prizes, please review the UQ Senate Rules. A detailed outline of all awards and scholarships supported by Alumni Friends, to be reviewed in conjunction with the Senate Rules, is available here.