UQ Project seeking funding

Occupational therapy students attend full-time clinical placements that are up to ten weeks in length. Many students attend these experiences in a rural or regional area at their own expense, and for some students this is not possible for financial reasons. Previously, there was money provided to The University of Queensland from the Occupational Therapy Registration Board of Queensland that allowed us to provide financial support to many students. However, this funding was not continued when registration became a national requirement.

We currently have one award available, the Mary Cavanagh Award, which provides one student with $2000 to attend a rural or regional placement. Each year there are a number of applicants who have a strong desire to gain experience in rural or regional settings and a genuine interest in returning to work in these geographical areas, all of which have a strong need for occupational therapy services. Funding can allow students to pause part-time employment, and cover travel, accommodation and living expenses. Additional funding would support more of our students to have this invaluable experience.


Contact: Dr Andrew Claus (a.claus1@uq.edu.au), School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, 4072.

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