Connecting and Giving Back: Celebrating, supporting, and encouraging UQ’s ‘Future Alumni’

Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland Inc. helps shape the future—as outlined below in our vision, mission, and strategic plan. Alumni Friends members share in the belief that successful, stable and diverse communities need world-class tertiary education, where world-class universities depend on the support, encouragement and engagement of alumni and the wider community.

Our vision: An equitable, stable, diverse and educated Australia, benefiting from world-class tertiary education.

Our mission: To connect engaged alumni and friends to support the endeavours of the ‘future alumni,’ educators and researchers of The University of Queensland (UQ).

Core values: integrity and wisdom; being ethical, diligent and accountable; being supportive and philanthropic; encouraging respect and diversity. Alumni Friends members are often described as honest, dedicated volunteers who are social, charitable, fun, ethical, cost-effective, precise, consistent, disciplined, responsible, focused, tenacious and determined.


  • Connecting: Creating routes for alumni and friends to engage with UQ—through regular contact (including social events, newsletters, and website), life-long learning activities (for example, through Three Score and Friends of Antiquity lectures), and sharing memories (with a special project —50 Stories–in 2017-18).
  • Recognising and Celebrating UQ’s students, researchers and educators: Maintaining and developing a suite of prizes, scholarships and bursaries for UQ students, staff, and alumni.
  • Investing and Giving Back: Donating time and money to support the endeavours and explorations of UQ’s students, educators, and researchers.
  • Supporting: Focused on ensuring that world-class tertiary education is inclusive—supporting the best students in their aspiration to study at UQ.
  • Advocacy: Promoting the benefits of world-class education and the value of supporting and enriching the cultural and social resources of UQ—demonstrating the benefits of a world-class education through philanthropy (donating time, money, and/or making gifts) and connection with fellow UQ alumni, students, researchers and educators.

Goals: 2016-2019

  • To achieve a positive improvement in profile and in membership: To achieve a >1% net increase in membership numbers from 2016 onwards, with a focus on retaining existing members, and on attracting new members who share Alumni Friends‘ vision (in particular, attracting people who are willing and able to volunteer time and expertise to the Association). During 2016-18, we specifically aim to: a) Maintain our annual program of activities (including Three Score talks, FOA talks, Annual History Day, and NOVA publication); b) Celebrate Alumni Friends’ first fifty years with a program of events and fundraising; c) Improve two-way communication with members, alumni, UQ, and the wider community (including the launch of new websites); and d) Focus on our special interest groups.
  • To continue to act with integrity and transparency: To publish a detailed summary of donations—including the purchase of key assets—made to UQ since 1967. By end 2018, to provide members with detailed outlines of each of the major bequests and budgets managed by Alumni Friends, and publish plans for disbursements.
  • To improve on our philanthropic record: By end 2018, to identify routes to improve on the annual fundraising activities of Alumni Friends, with a rolling plan of implementation which builds on the 50th anniversary celebrations (including fundraising for fifty $1,000 student bursaries in 2017/18).
  • To plan for the next 50 years: By end 2018, to ensure that Alumni Friends ‘knows what it knows’—that is, documents key activity to support the recruitment of future leaders of the organisation, and to support an effective transition and hand-over to those future leaders when required.
  • To be an exponent of, and learn from, best practice: Within 12 months of the approval of this plan, each member of the Executive Committee to present their personal views (combined with the opinions of the groups they represent) as to best practice in alumni/volunteer/ philanthropic/social organisations. This information to be used to identify best practices to be incorporated into the daily activity of the association, and into future plans.
  • To be recognised as an important member of the UQ Team/the Queensland community: Utilising the anniversary opportunity, to establish a process for applying for recognition for Alumni Friends’ key volunteers from 2016 onwards. In addition, working with the PVC(A) to identify how to improve the MOU and achieve a closer association with UQ.