The Physiotherapy Special Interest Group closed in 2018. Funds raised by the Group are being used to create a record of the history of the study of physiotherapy at UQ. Donations can still be made to Alumni Friends in support of the study of physiotherapy.  Please contact us via the main office to make any donations, or if you have any queries. Donors may also be interested in the following information:

Student Support

In the final year of the physiotherapy programme, students undertake 5-week blocks of clinical training in placements across Queensland and beyond. In every year some students suffer financial stress when family are unable to contribute to their expenses for food, accommodation, study and travel. The Ailsa Munro Physiotherapy Student Scholarships provide $6000 to four students each year, who have demonstrated need for financial assistance in order to complete their physiotherapy degree, as well as high levels of achievement and commitment to their chosen vocation.

The four 2016 Ailsa Munro Physiotherapy Student Scholarships were recently awarded. Despite the challenges that many student face, they express gratitude about the opportunity to study physiotherapy and to give back to society, through enabling movement and quality of life for people with disability across the lifespan.The committee of Associate Professor Yvonne Burns, Dr Michelle Smith and myself (Dr Andrew Claus) are moved each year by the challenges overcome by these outstanding, altruistic and motivated young people, in order to pursue physiotherapy. Many applicants for the award work 1-2 jobs part-time in order to support themselves and family members, while undertaking very challenging full-time study. Many of the applicants have particular career goals to support rural, remote or disadvantaged communities, where physiotherapy services are currently hard to access.

Each year there are more than four students who are truly worthy of support. If an extra scholarship for up to $6000 could be supported, it would contribute real social impact for one person’s career in helping others.


The physiotherapy special interest group have also been actively involved in proposing a new route for Alumni Friends and members of the wider community to ‘connect’ with projects they might wish to support. Examples may include assisting individual students or individual research projects undertaken in the School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences. Click here for information on projects currently seeking support. Members of the Physiotherapy Alumni Special Interest Group would be delighted to meet with potential collaborators to discuss projects which would benefit from the support of alumni or members of the wider community.

Contact: Dr Andrew Claus, School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, 4072.